With our complimentary fleet management software, you and your drivers can stay on top of fleet information quickly and easily.

Leading-edge management portal for fleet administrators.

With our Overdrive™ fleet management portal, all your fleet info is at your fingertips in one place, in an easily accessible and orderly, digital format, saving you time and hassle. Our portal gives you a quick, clear overview of your current fleet data in a cleanly-designed dashboard that you can easily navigate from for more details in each category. The simple, straightforward organization of our portal helps you streamline the management of your vehicles and your drivers for increased productivity and compliance.

Plus, when you enroll in our maintenance management service, you gain instant access on Overdrive to all the details about upcoming, past-due, and completed maintenance work for each vehicle and its driver.

Woman Reviewing the Mike Albert Overdrive Dashboard on Desktop

Use our Overdrive fleet admin portal to:

  • Quickly search for and find specific details (model, VIN, plate, etc.) about any vehicle in your fleet.
  • Assign a driver to a vehicle or change a vehicle assignment from one driver to another.
  • Add and maintain information about all your drivers.
  • Make online payments.
  • Easily place orders for new vehicles.
  • See upcoming registration expirations and manage title and license tasks.
  • Run various reports for documentation and compliance purposes.
  • Create driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) and schedule notifications for your drivers when they need to complete a report. When complete, the reports are ready in your dashboard.
  • View where your vehicle is in the disposal process in a streamlined display.
  • Access our nationwide network of certified and insured service providers that we’ve vetted for quality and fair pricing.

Leverage vehicle data and proprietary tech to optimize your fleet

And with the addition of our Albert IQ® vehicle and driver monitoring platform, you can see the current health of all your vehicles on the Overdrive fleet management portal, with mechanical issues listed as red (if they need immediate attention) and yellow (if they need attention soon). Any open recalls are listed in priority as well. For the most pressing items, alerts are sent via Overdrive to both you and your drivers.

With Albert IQ you can also see when, where and how long your vehicles are used and how they’re driven. Albert IQ tracks and reports unsafe driving and unauthorized vehicle use and generates reports to your Overdrive dashboard.